Q: What age children does the Keys 4 Success program target?

A: Our early childhood musical educational program target children who are of daycare or preschool ages which range from two to six years old.

Q: What kind of music will children who participate in the Keys 4 Success program learn?

A: Our curriculum includes music class lesson concepts that are presented to each child visually, orally and kinesthetically. Original story books, games, and songs play a major role in each class. Weekly lesson plans emphasize the development of character, positive values and self-worth. Teaching aids and manipulative's bring each lesson to life, while providing each child with the opportunity to fully explore each lesson concept.

Preschool children will experience the exciting nature of music in each class by creating their own songs, composing their own pieces, using their own imagination and actual lessons in various instruments. By gaining musical skill and understanding, children develop basic cognitive, social, and motor skills necessary to succeed in school


Q: How long is each Keys 4 Success session?

A: Each week our teachers will be on location for two, thirty minute sessions.

Q: How many students can participate in each Keys 4 Success session?

A: We require a minimum of fifteen children at a time participate in each Keys 4 Success learning session.