Each week's classes emphasize character development - sharing, saying please and thank you, and seeing each other, as well as ourselves, as special. The development of these social skills will help to build each child's self-confidence and self-worth and continue beyond the classroom.

We offer so many wonderful learning opportunities - all in the name of fun! With our program as a foundation, your child will be ready to move confidently on to lessons for any instrument, if so desired. 

Here's a sample of what each child learns through the Keys 4 Success Curriculum:

  • Keys 4 Success introduces students to the basic family instruments: Brass, String, Percussion and Woodwind. Every student will apply their own music knowledge to instrument details, and sound.  With this introduction we will expose students to an international world of music, with performances and sound!
  • Introduce students to dynamics and apply that to their own behavior.
  • Recognizing Treble and Bass Clef.
  • Learn the music alphabet and applying to the music staff and keyboard.
  • Applying their counting skills with music notes and beats.
  • Introduction to early music composers, along with  international influencers.
  • Rhythm and Movement through yoga exercises and meditation.
  • Develop creativity, spatial reasoning, memory building and an enhanced verbal skills through music theory and exploration of sounds.

In addition, Keys 4 Success will work with each pre-school to assist them in ongoing, creative fundraising activities and the formation of a choir for their graduating class.