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O U R  P R O G R A M

Curriculum Components

Addressing Social Emotional Learning and Enhancing Cognitive  Function Through:

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P R O G R A M   L E V E L S

Early Childhood

Our curriculum for this age group focuses on introducing basic concepts of music theory, including rhythm and note values. Children are exposed to a variety of music and cultures through a curriculum that is designed to promote diversity and social emotional tools while also incorporating movement to support the development of motor skills.

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Pre-Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

This curriculum continues it focus on integrating elements of social emotion learning (SEL) through music theory, movement and technology. We believe that exposure to diversity in music is critical to cognitive development, impacting spatial and temporal reasoning skills. Children are taught to read music and begin to create their very own music and sounds through technological applications, further building on their language acquisition skills.

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3rd Grade - 5th Grade

Our robust primary school curriculum is designed to impact school culture through an influential approach.  From the beginning, our students are engaged through diverse learning styles, to content that stimulates their critical thinking in a fun, challenging and cooperative environment. As advocates of STEM and STEAM, our objective is to set the standard for implementing a dynamic music and movement curriculum in a transformative way.

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