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Music Multiculturalism and Diversity: It’s About You Too

There are so many people living in this world besides you and this is why multiculturalism is so significant. It encourages the idea of inclusivity amongst people from all ethnic backgrounds. Understanding this now opens conversation about the positive impact multiculturalism in music has on children when introduce in the classroom.

In an excerpt from Milne Library’s “Music and the Child,” teaching multiculturally is described as inclusive, pedagogically sound, it raises awareness and is integrative. There are many different avenues children take to explore the world of music especially when they are able to make a personal connection to it. Check out some of the insight we received on multiculturalism and its significance in children’s education.

Given your role in education, why do you believe multiculturalism is an important concept for children to understand in school?

“You don’t have to travel the world to understand other cultures. Some students

don’t get a chance to see the world outside of their own neighborhood. They

don’t always have a safe place to ask questions about culture as well. I believe

our classrooms can be that safe space.”

Arianna Thomas (Foreign Language and ESL Teacher)

How does K4S incorporate the concept of multiculturalism into its curriculum?

Keys 4 Success Music and Movement program creates an inclusive cultural

aspect to music education for students as young as 2 years old. By exposing

students to various different cultures through sound and movement, students are

able to explore different parts of the world with their imagination, and shape them

individually at the same time. Our curriculum allows students to learn about

different rhythms, beats, instruments, movement and so much more from various

continents throughout the world. Learning from everything from the Erhu (China),

to the Sitar (India), to Congo Drums and beats, we explore it all!

Ms. Mona (K4S Program Coordinator)

One of the beautiful benefits of multiculturalism is that it allows every student to feel seen. Who wouldn’t want to learn more about the culture of their best friend or peer from school? Just last week K4S students had the chance to learn about the celebration of Diwali and capoeira which is a form of Brazilian martial arts. Introducing these aspects of culture to students can sharpen their understanding of community, geography and history. As the world continues to change it is our greatest hope at K4S that students will be able to appreciate the differences in other people.

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