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Music, Literacy and Representation: The Formula for a Great Book

Did you hear? October is National Book Month! At K4S we understand the importance of literacy especially as children begin to learn more about the world around them. We also know that representation is just as important. In honor of this national holiday check out some of our favorite books that highlight music and diversity!

I am Nefertiti By: Annemarie Annong

This is a wonderful story surrounding Nefertiti who wants to join the band and play the drums. When Miss Potts shortens her name, Nefertiti begins to question whether she is good enough to play. This is a story were you learn to be confident with everything that makes you who you are including your NAME!

Because By: Mo Williams

Because is a story that illustrates a young girl’s journey to becoming a composer. Her song “The Cold” shows how it all gets started.

Sing a Song By: Kelly Starling Lyons

“Lift Every Voice and Sing” a popular song that is known from generations to generations is written by two brothers. One of them is principal of a segregated all-black school encourages the students to sing the song as a tribute to Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

The Electric Slide and Kai By: Kelly J. Baptist

We can guarantee the Electric Slide will be played at every family function. For Kai’s family this is the case for his aunt’s wedding. The question is will Kai be able to dance as good as everybody else?

Finding the Music By: Jennifer Torres

Figuring out how to fix her abuelito’s vihuela, Reyna learns about the beautiful stories behind his music. This bilingual story showcases the joy behind music, family and culture.

When the Beat was Born By: Laban Carrick Hill

This book is a Jon Steptoe New Talent Award Winner that tells the story of how the young Clive Campbell became DJ Kool Herc. His story illustrates how the love for music helped kids stop fighting and explore how music would transform culture and the world.

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