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The Beat Goes On: How to Stay Musically Active During Summer Break

It's fair to say, once the Memorial Holiday passes students and teachers are counting down the days until summer break. However, before we get too ahead of ourselves and flip to vacation mode we have a few ideas to consider and share with students to keep them musically active over the next few months. Take a read below:

1) Go on a Music Nature Scavenger Hunt

Leave clues as you walk along a nature walk of the sounds you hear: such as a bird, woodpecker, bustling of winds, the cracking of twigs. This will allow your child to pinpoint the exact sound they are trying to identify.

2) Play a musical water game!

Splashing water hard can create loud sounds, while splashing water sofly can create sound sounds. A great way to introduce dynamics to your little student with terms such as Forte and Piano!

3) Create Instruments and have a performance/ dance off

Put some bells on your ankles and let's get to dancing! Create drunks and tambourines and perform a song along! Even get those pots and pans out!

4) Draw to music.

This is a creative way to allow your student to express themselves through color and the sound of music that they hear. Communicate how it makes them feel and create a "art therapy" enviornment for them to thrive in!

Tag us in your activities this summer so we can share on our social pages!

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