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The Fun Never Stops: Interactive Exhibits for Children

The kids are back in school but that doesn’t mean the fun has to

stop. Whether the kids have a strong interest in music or just want

to explore the city, this list of interactive and unique museums are

definitely worth a weekend visit!

You haven’t really been to New York if you haven’t been to Times

Square and opening in Fall 2022 The Museum of Broadway will

display artifacts and set designs from popular broadway shows

like The Wiz. Interactive exhibits will allow visitors to explore how

broadway shows are produced behind the curtain.

Some of the greatest stories are the ones untold. Sugar Hill

Children Museum of Art & Storytelling explores the history of

the Sugar Hill neighborhood best known for its connections to the

Harlem Renaissance. Its exhibits are likely to spark the curiosity

and creativity of children from 3 to 8 years of age.

Who knew the blues could sound so good? The National Jazz

Museum in Harlem showcases the art of jazz through in person

and virtual programs. Children of all ages can attend in-person

interactive workshops like “Oom Bop Sh’Bam,” “Born in Harlem,”

“Jazz Hands” and “Changes in Society.” This museum is also a

great opportunity to learn the history of jazz greatness like Ella

Fitzgerald and Eddie Davis.

Children should learn and play and that’s what The Brooklyn

Children’s Museum encourages. The Totally Tots exhibit allows

toddlers to experience sensory play through nine different play

areas such as blocks and dress up. Whether your child wants to

be a store owner or baker anything is possible in The World

Brooklyn exhibit created to imitate shops in the real world. The

NEST is the perfect place for children to play outside and get

fresh air.

No matter the preference all of these museums offer an

opportunity for children to learn something new and have fun

while doing so. If you ever wonder where to take your children on

the weekends check out one of these places!

By: Briana Holliday

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